Monday, October 1, 2012

Belfast Barge

Belfast Barge by infomatique
Belfast Barge, a photo by infomatique on Flickr.

Lagan Legacy is a social enterprise set up with the mission to present the history and industrial heritage of the River Lagan and the people that used it by way of a permanent exhibition.

The ‘Home place’ for the exhibition is housed on a barge, which is permanently moored adjacent to Lanyon Place, which is located to the rear of Belfast’s Waterfront Hall. Lagan Legacy purchased the ‘MV Confiance’, a former cargo barge, in 2006 and sailed it to Belfast. It has since been fully renovated to house a museum, a multi-use performance space and a cafĂ©. It is set to become a cultural hub on the river lagan, regenerating the area and encouraging citizenship as well as economic development.

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