Saturday, December 22, 2012

The 'Titanic 100' exhibition - Belfast City Hall.

In March celebrations of the 100th anniversary of the launch of RMS Titanic began with the opening of a major photographic exhibition at Belfast City Hall

As you can see from my photographs the exhibition focused on the construction of the ship through the lens of R J Welch, the official photographer for Harland and Wolff.

The date of the opening of the exhibition was significant, as it coincided with the anniversary of the laying of Titanic's keel, on 31 March 1909. As well as displaying photographs of the ship itself, the exhibition gave an insight into life at the Harland and Wolff shipyard and in Belfast more generally in 1911.

To some people it may appear rather strange to celebrate the launching of a ship that sank on its maiden voyage but as far as the people of Belfast are concerned they delivered a first class ship to a bunch of idiots who managed to sink it by ramming it into a huge iceberg.

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